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Where is my outline saved?

Oak autosaves your outline in your browser’s local storage. To open a outline you must use the same browser and computer that you create it with. Just copy/paste your outline text if you want to save it somewhere else.

Is there a bigger picture?

Yes, Oak is one part of our bigger goal.

We are trying to create a plain text productivity suite: A group of productivity apps that work together and all use simple plain text formats. Follow @foldingtext on twitter, or subscribe to the support forum for news.

How much will Oak cost?

This version of Oak is free and will remain free. Later we plan to release a pay version with additional features. We haven’t decided how much that version may cost.

Who runs this site?

Oak is a production of Hog Bay Software, developed by Jesse Grosjean, Mutahhir Ali, Grey Burkart, and Kim Young Hoo. It is built on our FoldingText technology. And FoldingText makes use of a number of open source projects, including:

Oak seems similar to Little Outliner?

Little Outliner is a big inspiration for us. Our user interface approach is quite different, but we borrowed the idea of a simple focused outliner that saves to your browser’s local storage from them. You can easily copy and paste your outlines between Oak and Little Outliner.

What is your privacy policy?

We have no direct access to your outline text. Your text is only stored in your web browser’s local storage area, and is never sent to our (or any other) server. We do use Google Analytics to track how many people are using this site.